Lyft Ride Streak Bonuses and Uber Consecutive Trips Boost


Uber and Lyft are releasing new driver bonuses within the type of journey streaks: consecutive rides given by drivers. But is that this simply one other solution to hold us from canceling on rides, like POOL or Line, that we don’t need to give? Today, senior RSG contributor Christian Perea lets us know what Lyft Streak Bonuses and Uber Consecutive Trip Boosts are, how they work, and how they might have an effect on drivers.

There’s a brand new driver bonus on the town from each Uber and Lyft, and it provides you money for finishing rides in a row throughout peak hours. Uber calls it the “Consecutive Trips Boost” and Lyft calls it the “Ride Streaks Bonus”. Both are comparable packages that encourage drivers to simply accept each journey that comes their method with out logging out, denying, or cancelling a journey throughout a set time interval.

Drive with Uber 1

Lyft simply introduced they are going to be rolling this promotion out to drivers in all of their giant and medium sized markets. Meanwhile, Uber has been testing a number of variations of this program in Boston, NYC, and Singapore during the last six months and at the moment are testing it in San Francisco, Denver, and New Jersey. This leads me to consider that these type of promotions will turn into an enormous a part of driving for Lyft and Uber over the subsequent few months.

Uber and Lyft are releasing new "ride streaks" or bonuses for completing consecutive trips. How streak bonuses and consecutive trips will affect drivers -

Why Are Uber & Lyft Offering Bonuses For Ride Streaks?

Every bonus for drivers has a bigger angle in play. Earnings Boost for instance incentivizes drivers to work throughout particular occasions and in particular locations. It looks like the angle behind the consecutive journey bonus is to scale back wait-times and surge throughout peak hours.

Some say that each enterprise breaks down into one metric that issues (OMTM). The MBAs at Uber and Lyft appear to actually consider that the OMTM for rideshare is having the shortest ETA (estimated time of arrival). This is how shortly a passenger can anticipate to attend from the time they push a button to the time their automotive pulls up.

This promotion helps Uber and Lyft meet that aim as a result of it rewards drivers for being additional dependable and usually doing no matter experience the app sends their approach. When sufficient drivers blindly comply with the instructions of the app’s dispatch system, it leads to decrease ETAs and the rideshare firm with the bottom ETAs wins a prize!

Strategies for Streaking Effectively With Lyft & Uber

Strategies round streaking must be based mostly on excessive quantity and low distance. You’re finally going to have restricted choices within the experience requests you obtain for these promotions. You have to simply accept each request with out logging out of the app, cancelling a journey, or denying a request. We all understand how that may go :/

I’ve spent the previous few days analyzing how that is understanding and considering of the way to get probably the most out of it. So listed here are my ideas for getting probably the most out of Lyft’s Ride Streaks and Uber’s Consecutive Trip Boosts:

Go to the Bathroom and Get Caffeine Beforehand

You don’t need to get caught having to pee when you’re streaking by way of rush hour visitors. So ensure you use the toilet and get your espresso beforehand so you possibly can focus intensely on finishing as many rides as potential inside the 2 to three hour interval of your journey streaks. Maximizing this program principally means you’ll stay in your automotive for the subsequent few hours with no break.

Maximize Short Rides

While you gained’t have many choices on what rides you get, it is best to concentrate on driving in densely populated areas the place you’re unlikely to get rides that drag you far out of your space of operation or that may pull you into the suburbs for a pickup. Time is valuable right here, so in case you can handle to remain in busy areas throughout this time, you’ll do higher with getting consecutive rides that hold you in a “loop” of a number of brief rides.

Don’t Rate Your Passenger So Fast!

Note: This solely works with Lyft

If you want to place your self to a greater location, depart the scores display open WITHOUT score your passenger. It prevents the app from assigning you one other experience for a couple of minutes and will permit you to drive nearer to a greater location with out the danger of getting dragged into a nasty/unprofitable spot.

After a couple of minutes, the app will timeout of the scores display, nevertheless it can purchase you an additional three minutes if you have to change positions with out getting a request.

Target Lyft Line and UberPOOL

I do know loads of drivers dislike shared rides, however on this case we are actually making an additional few dollars for each passenger we pickup. Uber recently adjusted their terms on UberPOOL to make it slightly extra digestible, whereas Lyft now pays the identical for Line rides as they do for normal Lyfts. You can “target” getting matches by hanging across the areas you often keep away from for Line/POOL rides.

Hope For A Pre-Match or Back to Back Ride

If you get a prematch, you’ll have to take it since you can’t deny any journeys. Denying a pre-match will finish your experience streak. In my expertise, most pre-matched rides will maintain me in high-demand areas since that’s the place most individuals need to go anyhow.

Destination Filter Hacks

Lyft will not help you use Destination Mode, however I haven’t discovered any language from Uber (but) that may knock a driver for utilizing their Destination Filter. From what I can gauge, Uber’s Destination Filter ought to nonetheless work however you by no means know as a result of they’re messing with it a lot right now.

Commit To One Platform

This goes with out saying, however it is going to be greatest to both decide to Uber or Lyft throughout every peak interval. Uber and Lyft are extremely more likely to give you comparable bonuses for these blocks of hours, so my recommendation is to commit your self to whichever firm presents the higher streaking bonus.

Mystro Can Help Here

Mystro is an app that mechanically accepts your journeys and permits you to drive for each Uber and Lyft.  But on this case, you’ll be able to nonetheless use Mystro to auto-accept your whole requests on only one platform.  Sign up here with our hyperlink.

Getting Multiple Streak Bonuses

You can full a number of streaks inside the time interval given to you by Uber or Lyft. So if you need to take a break, do it between every set of streaks.

Overall, This Will Reduce Surge and PrimeTime

Back in September, I wrote about how these corporations try to eliminate Surge and Primetime. Uber or Lyft don’t have a lot of an curiosity to cost their passengers some huge cash for these rides, and they’re clearly utilizing Boost, Quest, Switching Rides Mid-Trip, and intelligent matching to ensure rides are low cost and quick.

Related: Where Has All The Surge Gone?

If you drive in a market that persistently has Surge or Primetime throughout commute hours, I might anticipate these promotions to delay the preliminary onset of dynamic pricing in the course of the first 45 minutes to hour since a whole lot of drivers can be making an attempt to start out their “streak”.  This signifies that drivers will get assigned to rides a lot quicker since fewer drivers are fishing for the perfect experience.

consecutive trips and ride streaks

Balancing of provide and demand is extra environment friendly, however there ought to nonetheless be an opportunity of speedy onset/intense Primetime that exhibits up shortly, and leaves shortly as “Streakers” keep on-line.

This signifies that any Surge or Dynamic pricing will possible come shortly, be intense, and depart shortly as streakers full their rides and instantly settle for the subsequent experience to allow them to max out their streaking. You should select between the excessive danger/excessive reward of surge searching or the relative predictability of the bonuses related to finishing a streak.

Final Thoughts on Lyft Ride Streaks and Uber Consecutive Trips

Personally, I’ll take any bonus that comes my method that I feel I can fairly attain. So positive, I’ll do some streaking for extra cash.

However, I’ve seen a rise in drivers these days who’ve been on the street for lengthy hours, typically for six or 7 days every week, making an attempt to all the time hit Uber’s Quest or Lyft’s Power Driver Bonuses. Some drivers even handle to hit BOTH. I’m involved that it will turn into one other approach of getting drivers to grind out as many journeys as attainable on the expense of our sanity.

One of the explanations I used to be so compelled to write down about this program is as a result of I’ve seen a variety of the opposite bonuses being lowered slowly during the last six months (particularly Uber Quest). A bonus program like this could be meant to exchange Quest and Boost if it proves to be simpler at decreasing surge and wait occasions for passengers.

We’ve already found out that Uber and Lyft are going to filter a few of the extra cash they’re taking from Upfront Pricing and elevated “service fees” in an effort incentivize drivers to modify their behavior. Hopefully the top results of these promotions will permit us to earn extra whereas working fewer hours to satisfy our objectives.

What do you consider Lyft Ride Streaks and Uber’s Consecutive Trip Incentive? Let me know within the feedback part under!

Lyft Ride Streak Bonus FAQ

Lyft Streak Bonus

Lyft Streak Bonus Progress

How Does The Ride Streak Bonus Work With Lyft?

If Lyft selects you to obtain a Ride Streaks Bonus they’ll notify you within the driver app and by way of textual content message to let you already know that the Streak is on. The promotion will inform you how a lot cash you’ll get for those who full a sure quantity rides in a row. For instance, Lyft may reward you with a $12 bonus for finishing three journeys with out logging off, cancelling, utilizing vacation spot mode, or denying a request.

What Rides Qualify For Rides Streak Bonuses on Lyft?

Lyft will start counting your rides towards a streak bonus from both the time you settle for a experience or the time you start a experience. This works the identical for drop-off occasions. This means you gained’t need to logout ten minutes earlier than the underside of the hour with a view to keep away from getting a request at 6:58 a.m. for a promotion that begins at 7:00 a.m.  There are not any geographical restrictions on the place you’ll want to get your rides.

What when you don’t end your final experience in a streak earlier than the hour is over?

You will nonetheless get credit score in your Lyft Ride Streak so long as the primary journey began inside the promotional time frame. If a streak ends at 10 a.m. and you start your first journey streak at 9:55 a.m. you’ll nonetheless earn the streak bonus so long as you give two rides afterwards.

Where can I discover my Streak Bonus within the Lyft App?

Your Streak Bonus will show-up on the final experience in any given Streak. So if there are four rides in a Streak, you will notice the cash credited to the 4th journey you gave. You may also money out your Streak Bonus cash by means of Express Pay as quickly as you full your Ride Streak.

How To Know I Got Paid For Lyft Ride Streak Bonus

Lyft Ride Streak

What you see in your third experience within the earnings display after finishing a three journey streak.

You will know for those who acquired your Lyft Ride Streak bonus by checking the third journey inside a “set” of three rides. The payout can be just like the picture above. You can money it out utilizing Express Pay instantly. It is just not topic to fee charges.

How Does Lyft Line Work With Ride Streaks?

Every passenger request will rely as one experience in your streak. A triple Lyft Line means you had a streak of three rides.

What if My Passenger Cancels or Doesn’t Show Up?

You gained’t get dinged and your streak will proceed. Make positive to attend the 5 minutes required to “no-show” a passenger and gather your $5. Otherwise you may lose your Lyft Ride Streak.

What Causes Me To Break A Streak?

Logging off, utilizing Destination Mode, cancelling on a passenger, or denying/lacking a request. All will trigger you to lose your streak throughout a Lyft Ride Streak Bonus.

Source: Ride Streaks – The Hub

Uber Consecutive Trips FAQ

Uber continues to be testing Consecutive Ride Boost in a number of markets so this system will doubtless change as they dial-in their check knowledge with drivers. Here is what we all know up to now although:

consecutive trip boost

Uber In-app picture displaying a pattern of $2.50 additional for every accomplished journey.

How Do Consecutive Trips Work For Uber?

Uber Consecutive Trips work by rewarding drivers with extra cash for finishing a collection of journeys (often three) in a row. Drivers should full the required variety of rides with out logging out of the Uber Driver app, cancelling, or denying a journey. You need to take the rides that Uber provides you.

In the instance under, you’d earn an additional $11 dollars for finishing three journeys in a row between the hours of seven AM and 9 AM.

Uber Consecutive Trips

What Rides Qualify As Consecutive Trips On Uber?

Trips should happen inside a preset geographic space decided by Uber. Only the primary journey has to happen inside the space although. So if a visit takes you outdoors of Uber’s zone, you may give the subsequent 2 in a row anyplace.

Where can I discover my Consecutive Trips Boost within the Uber Driver App?

You can discover it underneath the promotions tab and inside the house display.

How Does UberPOOL Work With Consecutive Rides?

Every passenger request will rely as one experience in your streak. A triple UberPOOL means you had three consecutive rides.

Don’t overlook: Mystro may help you mechanically settle for rides to maintain on streaking, and you’ll be able to sign up here with our hyperlink.

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