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Starting in 2017, valley commuters to Jackson could have an alternative choice for getting to and from work.

This is thanks to ‘Teton Ride Share,” a brand new carpooling app powered by an organization within the San Francisco Bay Area, referred to as Duet.

“We’re working with them to evolve it to fit our market,” stated Shannon Clay, Teton Ride Share’s lead organizer. “Right now the app only operates from 6am to 10am in the morning and from 4pm to 10pm.”


A take a look at Duet in motion. Rides may be scheduled from any vacation spot inside 75 miles of Jackson.

Users of the app can put an image of their automotive and their individual into their profile. Profiles could be verified by means of Facebook or LinkedIn. Users can arrange decide up and drop off places anyplace.

“Duet is really focused at commuters,” stated Clay. “But it would work for people who want to go ski, for example.”

Drivers are compensated for selecting up riders.

“If I was to drive, I would get $6.50 from my rider. If I were to car pool, I would pay 50 cents more than I would make,” defined Clay. “Usually it would go to Duet, but because Duet is setting it up for free, all of that goes to 1% for the Tetons.”

1% for the Tetons, a non-revenue group, awarded a $5,000 grant to assist create the journey-share app undertaking.

“It’s a collaborative process,” defined Clay. “Duet is sharing data with START bus, so they can know what routes and times would be supported… We’re really working to make this non-competitive.”

Having a number of choices to get forwards and backwards from Jackson makes it simpler for commuters to select not to drive.

“With [ride-sharing], you could get stranded, but at the Village for example, there’s already a bus system set up,” stated Clay. “If you miss the bus, you could get on and try and schedule a rideshare.”

The extra customers, the extra doubtless the app can be a hit. To get there, the app will reward drivers, in addition to paying them.

“To make the network work, there have to be at least 50 people,” stated Clay. “There’s a point system that build incentives… Companies can donate to those.”

Besides saving cash and incomes rewards, Clay reminded us that customers of the app are additionally performing some good.

“In our case it could help keep wildlife from being hit and less people driving in the snow, for instance,” she stated. “We want everyone to use it.”

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