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Some city councillors believe rideshare company TappCar is flouting at least the spirit of the city’s rules, with giant car decals and even accusations that they are offering illegal street hails. 

Council unanimously approved a motion Tuesday that will seek numbers on complaints and fines and look at possible changes to the city’s bylaws to close loopholes that might allow the issues to happen.

That report will come back in the fall.

Mayor Don Iveson said TappCar’s giant decals are more than what councillors had in mind when the rules were set.

“That particular provider has pushed their luck with respect to the vehicle badging,” he said. “I would encourage them to proactively come in line with the spirit of the bylaw.”

Coun. Dave Loken said he couldn’t offer details, but knows that people have hailed a TappCar from the street.

Loken said the decals make hails possible and they should be downsized. He said council committed to making sure the bylaw worked as intended and it should do that.

“We need to show the industry that we just didn’t pass a bylaw and then forget about it.”

Loken said there have been complaints in certain parts of Edmonton, but didn’t want to highlight them because the city is working on the issue. 

“I don’t want to say at this point, because there is currently operations going on.”

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