Uber Offers Refunds After Mexico City Pricing Spat


Uber Offers Refunds After Mexico City Pricing Spat
The Uber ride-sharing app offered discounts and free rides to Mexico City clients on Friday after they were charged five times normal rates or more during the city's recent pollution alert. The company said in a statement that it understood riders …
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Change of heart: Ottawa cabbie turned Uber driver is now taking a stand
When Uber driver Anupam Kakkar recently dropped off a customer near a taxi stand in Ottawa, a trio of licensed cabbies quickly spotted him. “F— Uber, f— Uber,” the cabbies started shouting, Kakkar says. (The customer had unintentionally tipped the …
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Uber agrees to pay up to M for misleading customers in California over its
Uber has agreed to pay up to $ 25 million to California-based prosecutors to settle a case in which the ride sharing giant is accused of misleading consumers around the safety of its service. The civil lawsuit, filed in December 2014, took issue with …
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