Letter: Elected officials should shun Uber, Lyft


Letter: Elected officials should shun Uber, Lyft
For these reasons, progressive Democrats and elected officials might be expected to speak out against UberX and Lyft – but few do. Mayor Kenney, who campaigned on raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour and has his staff use companies that refuse to …
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Uber, Lyft would face new rules under state bill
Ride-for-hire firms like Uber and Lyft would face new regulations under legislation circulated Friday morning by Massachusetts House leaders, including increased state supervision and government background checks for drivers, according to a copy of the …
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Lyft Wants to Keep Austin Weird at SXSW with Spontaneous Karaoke and Dance Parties
"Just when you thought Austin couldn't get any weirder… Introducing Weird Mode to the Lyft app. It's weirdness, delivered at the tap of a button. Turn up the weirdness wherever you are, whether it's a crowded bar or long line," Lyft said in their blog …
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