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Contracts And Chaos: Inside Uber's Customer Service Struggles
Uber's customer support staff is the company's first line of defense against driver and rider misconduct. But a BuzzFeed News investigation reveals that during Uber's transition from a local customer support operation to a global one, these employees …
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First City In the Nation Plans to Subsidize Uber Rides
(Reuters) – A Florida city is testing whether it can save millions of dollars in road-building and other public transportation expenses by subsidizing the cost of rides with Uber. Altamonte Springs, an Orlando suburb, on March 21 will become the nation …
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Uber and Safety
I thought of this same issue with regard to Uber over the past several days of it being in the news. The Uber idea is brilliant, one of the best to come out of the tech industry since perhaps Facebook. The company has gotten most everything right …
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