RSG035: Michael Tee on Launching The App Rideshare Timer


Today, we’re talking with Michael Tee, the creator of the app Rideshare Timer.  Michael is an Uber driver just like many of you and he saw a problem that there wasn’t really a good solution to.  So he went out and built it!

On today’s episode, we talk all about how how he came up with his idea, what his results have been like and most importantly, how he got it done.  This is a fascinating story for anyone who’s ever thought about launching an app or building their own product.  I love the way Michael approached the situation and hope to see his app continue to succeed.

Michael was also gracious enough to give away 100 free downloads of his app (Android Only).  All you have to do is text “harry100” to 31996 before they’re all gone!  All 100 copies have been given out, thanks for your participation!

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  • Interview today with Michael Tee who created Rideshare Timer
  • Heard about him through fellow rideshare drivers
  • Rideshare Timer: timer for rideshare drivers and the process behind creating this app

Interview with Michael Tee

  • Started in ridesharing in May 2014, intrigued by how much he could make with a flexible schedule
  • Also worked full-time while being a part-time rideshare driver
  • Began thinking of the Rideshare Timer app about 6-8 months into being a rideshare driver
  • Found an app-creation business to start creating the Rideshare Timer app

Rideshare Timer App

  • An always visible timer that automatically sends a text to your passengers to let them know you’ve arrived
  • Your timer will send the message and start the timer at the same time
  • Made for Lyft and Uber
  • Faster and easier way to send texts to your passengers, and saves time for drivers

Rideshare Timer Beginning

  • Left job and wanted a project for in-between times of working – why not?
  • Seemed like a simple app, wanted it for himself, and gave it a shot
  • Developing costs: upfront time investment, cosmetic issues with the app, cost around $1,700
  • Will continue to develop the app based on feedback

Rideshare Timer App Results & Feedback

  • Very good results so far, and plenty of people have left feedback
  • 500 downloads so far
  • App is Android-only right now – creating the app for iPhone has been a challenge

Future Plans

  • Wanted to integrate with Uber’s API, but they are very strict and difficult to integrate with
  • Testing is all done by Michael – doesn’t release any new updates unless he’s tried it, and recent updates have been based on feedback from drivers
  • Hopefully will help drivers reach their passengers quickly and more efficiently, particularly during big events like the Super Bowl
  • Currently a side project for now, but looking for ways to make a free app, a paid app, and more
  • Not looking to make money on this app, but rather to serve a need that he had and he thought others would have
  • At the end of the day, just use this as a professional tool. Be understanding if passengers are running late, and try to enjoy what you do as a driver


  • Questions/comments for Michael Tee? Visit the site
  • Really enjoyed this story because it solves the need and the problem out there, was an opportunity to try new things
  • Have a similar story? Pitch it to me via email or Facebook!
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Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here

Drivers, what do you think about the rideshare timer app?

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-Harry @ RSG

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