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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – There are new developments Monday out of East Lansing after two women who are MSU students reported unwanted sexual advances from rideshare drivers near campus.

The East Lansing Police Department confirms they are investigating two separate reports of inappropriate touching involving the same rideshare company but with two different drivers.

6 News asked police which rideshare company but they declined say. However, they did confirm the company is well aware of these reports and is investigating.

It’s the question everyone’s asking, which rideshare company is linked to the recent criminal sexual assaults near campus.

“I know what the big question is but I cannot divulge that,” said Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth with the East Lansing Police Department.

In both cases, the victims were female Michigan State University students picked up near downtown East Lansing by a rideshare driver.

“We do have these open and active investigations with these ride-share drivers and we thought it was important for the public to know that,” said Wriggelsworth.

So what’s the next step?

“The next step is completing the criminal investigation and having it reviewed by the prosecutor’s office and if any charges are issued eventually they would be arrested brought it in and arraigned,” said Wriggelsworth.

But how do you prevent something like this from happening again?

Lieutenant Wriggelsworth says while most rideshare companies do background checks that may not be enough.

“If there’s no background and the person goes on a  slow decline and just snaps we would never know that or be able to predict that,” said Wriggelsworth.

So what can others learn from this?

“It’s always up to the individual if they get in the back of the vehicle whether it’s a cab driver or a ride share driver and they have to make their own determinations whether they think it’s safe or not, said Wriggelsworth.”

Officials with East Lansing Police Department confirm both of these criminal sexual assaults happened recently, January 16 and February 14.

If you’ve had a similar experience you are asked to call the East Lansing police department at 517- 351-4220

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