SA rideshare drivers uber mad after price cut in fares


Seattle to Portland: Craigslist Rideshare in a School Bus!
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SA rideshare drivers uber mad after price cut in fares
A recent price cut of 25 percent for fares by ridesharing app company Uber Technologies Inc. in an effort to undercut competitors in the San Antonio market is unsettling the independent contractor drivers that fuel the tech firm. About two dozen …
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Cowles introduces bill to license UBER, other rideshare options, in state
West Virginia citizens, business travelers, tourists, and others may soon be able to use safe, reliable, transportations options like UBER and LYFT. These companies, and others, provide on-demand prearranged matches of riders and drivers using mobile …
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Airport welcomes rideshare companies
This includes rideshare operators such as Uber, who may now legally offer drop-off and pick-up service at RNO. This service will benefit the 3.4 million passengers each year who seek transportation options in addition to the various shuttles …
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