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Yesterday was my 1st time using Lyft and I WAS extremely pleased. Made a friend and had a fun ride. I took a cab the same night and the same distance…lyft =…cab= -_-….
Lyft you are awesome!

Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund sell shares of Lyft to Saudi Prince [CHARTS]
Venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund each sold roughly $ 75 million worth of their shares of ridesharing service Lyft to Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal. The transaction was part of Lyft's $ 1 billion series F round of funding, in …
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Lyft Drivers Still Aren't Employees, but What About Uber Drivers?
The on-demand car-sharing company Lyft has agreed to a settlement in a lawsuit brought by drivers in California who sought to be classified as employees rather than independent contractors. Under the agreement, Lyft will provide some additional driver …
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Lyft's deal With Waze Highlights Uber's Weakness: Relationships
The battle of the ride-hailing apps can seem like a lopsided David-and-Goliath story, with Uber doing around 15 times as many rides per month as its closest competitor, Lyft. But those numbers might be concealing some of Lyft's LYFT 0.00% longer-term …
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